Every. Barrier. Down. The Barrier of Uncertainty

When an expert teacher got stuck on the question “how can this be?” and a desire to have Jesus’ teaching satisfy his reason and way of thinking, Jesus spoke into the darkness with the truth that we all must be born again. “How can that be?” If you have questions about heavenly things, join the club! But let us also recognize the prison we are in if we demand that God answer us our way. Thankfully, God’s Word is clear…and his name is love…and his Spirit comes to create and sustain faith in us to trust the saving Word he has given.

John 3:1-17 | 3-8-2020

2 thoughts on “Every. Barrier. Down. The Barrier of Uncertainty”

  1. Thanks, Pastor, for making these sermons easily available–and the links to the scripture readings in Lifepoints. I missed worship last Sunday–it’s nice to be able to hear the Word at a later time. The reminder that “the Spirit gives birth to the Spirit” was helpful in reminding me to continuously try to “stiff arm” and “fight off” my human reason and logic and recognize that my very faith is a gift from our gracious God and not of my own doing. Dave Anderson

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