Got Time? Try More Bible Reading :)

With sports, school, work circumstances, travel and other areas of your life shut down or otherwise affected by the spread of the coronavirus, you may find you have a little more “me/us” time on your hands. Use it as a chance to become more Bible literate. To that end, here are some ideas:

  • I encourage smartphone users to be sure to have a Bible app on your phone. I’d recommend YouVersion, which is loaded with Bible reading plans and fun features, like audio versions you can listen to, making images of favorite passages you can keep for yourself or share on social media, or watching video clips with the kids from movies based on the Bible and talking about it together. There’s even a social aspect where you can “friend” each other, make comments and “heart” the reading plan your friend just started, for example. Find me on there – “Daniel Bondow” – I’d love it. If you’re married, make sure you both get on there and do a marriage reading plan together. If you have older kids with phones, have everyone get the app and use it together.
  • Let’s start reading GENESIS together. It features amazing stories that cover every teaching and treasure of our faith. Read its fifty chapters in fifty days, starting this Sunday, March 15. I will create a Google Doc we can use to share questions, research, and discussion. I won’t make it public, but if you want in, let me know and I can share a private link with you.

After all, we want to use God’s Word as strength and healing to help our own souls deal with the worst virus and disease there is. And God is preparing our hearts, minds, and lips to declare his praises to others in the greatest and most important rescue effort on the planet. Let’s get to know God’s saving medicine as best we can – it’s worth it!

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