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Each and every child is a precious gift of God. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you in the wonderful task and responsibility of nurturing your child socially, emotionally, physically, academically, and spiritually. We strive to nurture more than just little bodies and minds, but also little souls. It is this aspect of our preschool that makes Little Lambs Preschool special and sets us apart from many other preschools.

Enrollment is still open for the 2023-24 school year!

Purpose and Philosophy

Little Lambs Preschool provides a sound Christian educational environment to nurture the children and treat them with love and respect. Sharing the message of the love and forgiveness of Jesus is the most important part of our program. Our preschool provides a safe, healthy environment that fosters spiritual, social, emotional and physical development through exploration and discovery in a Christian setting.


Spiritual – Children will…

  • Learn that Jesus is their Savior, and apply God’s Word to each day of their life.
  • Show love to their Savior by what they think, do and say.

Social – Children will…

  • Show Christian love to others by sharing, taking turns, and respecting others while making new friends and playing together.
  • Learn to respect limits set in a classroom situation.

Physical – Children will…

  • Develop fine motor skills (coloring, cutting, drawing, etc.).
  • Develop gross motor skills (hopping, jumping, etc.).

Intellectual – Children will …

  • Develop a love for learning.
  • Be provided with age appropriate activities and learning opportunities in a safe and fun Christian environment.


Little Lambs strives to provide a well-rounded education and environment for God’s little people. This will be an exciting year to watch your preschooler learn! Because every child is at a different stage, your child’s curriculum will be based on exactly where he or she is. Some of our goals for teaching your children will be to teach them math, music, English, Spanish, Sign language, reading, arts and crafts, self-expression and self-control, sense of responsibility, and the joy in learning about God!

Behavior /Discipline

The love of Jesus motivates all we do at Little Lambs. We teach our children to reflect Jesus’ love for them and their love for others. When discipline is needed, the teacher will administer it in a kind, loving, Christian manner; mirroring the love that our Savior showed us in law and gospel; showing us our wrong, and also forgiving all things.

Fees and Tuition

We accept children 2 ½ and fully potty trained through 5 years old.  We offer a mixed aged classroom 3 days a week.

Tuition for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday (3 day a week class): $220/month. Totaling $1980 for the year.

A $100 registration fee will accompany your application (One time, non-refundable for every family).  You can enroll any time of the year!

Here all the Enrollment Forms:

Please contact Tasha Boser at 303-912-3844 for more information and to schedule a visit

Preschool Team

We are blessed to have these talented and dedicated teachers! 

Preschool Teacher

Tasha Boser

I am the preschool teacher and “behind the scenes” director here at Little Lambs. I am a veteran teacher, having taught kindergarten in the private setting and Douglas County for 12 years. I am a certified and licensed teacher in Colorado and have the privilege and benefit of being married to a Principal in Douglas County and (through many a dinner conversation) keep abreast on the latest education trends and best practices.

My husband George and I are blessed with 4 beautiful daughters of our own who keep us busy! We love living in Colorado and try to take advantage of all our beautiful state has to offer. I am extremely passionate about teaching little tykes and preparing them for kindergarten and beyond.

I am humbled and honored by the privilege to join you in the fundamental and spiritual education of your child and do not take the opportunity lightly. Little Lambs is a place where your child will know their Savior Jesus and the love He has for all of us.

Preschool Teacher Aide

Colleen Upton

My own children came to Little Lambs, and now I'm blessed to be a part of it. I received a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Special Education from Northern Arizona University in 1999. I am a licensed teacher in Colorado, and taught for 5 years before staying home with my kids in 2004. I taught 3rd grade in Tucson, AZ and taught 4th and 5th grade Special Education in the Littleton Public Schools. I also taught one year of Title I Kindergarten in LPS. In college I worked in an integrated preschool that combined children with and without disabilities.

I have really enjoyed getting back into the classroom and very much enjoy preschool-aged kids! My husband Mark and I are blessed with 3 amazing kids. We enjoy “doing life” with friends, neighbors and co-workers, and attempt to live out our faith in all walks of life.

I am honored to be Mrs. Boser’s “right hand girl” and learn from her every day as she teaches and interacts with the kids. She is truly gifted in what she does.

I believe we are both in our elements when we are with the kids in the classroom and on the playground. I consider this my “dream job” and am frequently reminded that this is a special place to be.

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