In Gethsemane: Take This Jesus Too

From the agony in the Garden of Gethsemane, until his death on Calvary, Jesus fulfilled his purpose of laying down his life for us, and he never wavered from it. Indeed, from the beginning of time, Jesus, the Lamb of God, had known that he was the sacrifice required by the Father to save us so that we could be with him in heaven eternally.

As true man, this overwhelmed him. Yet in prayer he clung to his greatest treasure – “my Father” – as he entrusted his purpose and outcome to the kind and perfect will of his Father. It’s all for you, dear friends. And Jesus lives now as one who helps us when we are overcome and intercedes for us. Take this Jesus into your daily struggle with temptation and walk with him!

Matthew 26:36-46 | 3-4-2020

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