Grow Up Into Him Series: Your Brother’s Keeper | Ezekiel 33:7-11 Sermon

Last month we learn from Scripture about life like a plant with God himself as our perfect and gracious Gardener. Great. Now what? It’s time to grow. As little kids, we long to grow up, to dress up in mom’s jewels or put on dad’s shoes. We just can’t wait to get bigger. Growing up is important, but it can be hard.

That’s why growing up in faith is not just God’s will for us, but also his work in us. It all starts with God’s powerful Word. Countless Bible passages encourage us to keep growing: keep growing in God’s grace, keep growing in your knowledge of Christ, keep growing up to a more and more mature faith.

In this series, God teaches us what it is to be called out of dark clouds of ignorance and unbelief and shapes us to see the world and the purpose of our lives his way.…

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