God Must Reveal Everything To Us

A powerful testimony to the need for God to reveal himself – and how blessed we are when he does – is a superb Old Testament account from Daniel 2. King Nebuchadnezzar had firmly decided that he wanted his astrologers, sorcerers, advisers, etc., to not only interpret his dream, but also tell him what the dream was first and then interpret it. Clearly, he wasn’t happy with their counsel in the past and wanted them to prove their worth and skill in interpretation.
No surprise, they responded with complaints that no one had ever asked so much of advisers before, to know the dream first was impossible. And then they say this great, glaring words that jump off the page: “No one can reveal it [the dream] to the king except the gods, and they don’t live among humans.”
What an admission of weakness and inability! And then, in stark contrast of such human inability and life “in the dark”, little Daniel and his friends pray to the Lord, who dwells with us and makes his tent among us and hears our prayers always and answers every time…and the Lord gave the dream to Daniel as only such a near-to-us and condescending God like ours could.
Daniel rejoiced to have such a connection to the one true God. Let’s rejoice too. (Again, see Daniel 2:1-23 – how might you talk about the story to a friend or family member? Make it a devotion day.)

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