Every.Barrier.Down. The Barrier of Satan, our Enemy

“Who is this God of the Bible? How could he ever let so many bad things happen, even in the Garden?!” Do you have a bone to pick with God? Be careful, we know where such walls we build between us and God come from. It’s not independent thinking, but enslaved in the prison of one who slithers…

The Scriptures for the Season of Lent demonstrate the reach and extent of our spiritual problems that are far too much for us, but no match for God. Do not underestimate God’s demolition project for us through his Son, but be still and know that his fight for you takes every last barrier down. This week God helps us deal with Satan’s lies and saves us by the victorious Word of Jesus. Sermon on Genesis 3:1-15.

Genesis 3:1-15 | 3-1-2020

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