3-29-2020 Sunday School For All: The Ten Lepers

This lesson outline is made available for you to work into your own home devotional life. As you read through the information below, please let Renae Belobraydich know if you have any questions, or if she can help make this transition easier for our Sunday School kiddos learning from home. 

Please also continue to practice the ‘Little Grey Donkey‘ song as we will be singing this for the congregation.

Opening Prayer

Dear Jesus, please help us show with happy faces how glad we are that you are our Savior.  Help us gladly listen to your Word. Help us show our love for you by gladly doing our work and showing kindness to others.  Thank you for giving us so many things to be happy about! In your name we pray. Amen.

This Sunday’s Lesson: The Ten Lepers

In our Bible lesson, we hear about ten men who were very sick.  They were called lepers because they had a bad disease called leprosy.  This sickness usually lasted for the leper’s entire life. The ten men went to Jesus for help.

We learn self-worth only after we first realize we are sinners.  Knowing and believing that God made us, loves us, and forgives our sins helps us understand that we are all precious in God’s sight.

Read: Luke 17:11-19

Aim: How did one man show his faith in Jesus?

TRUTH: One man showed his faith by thanking Jesus.

 – Application: Jesus is pleased when we thank him.

 – Response: We thank God for his blessings with songs and prayers.

Lesson Summary: Jesus showed his love and compassion when he healed ten men who had been sick with leprosy.  Out of the ten, only one returned to say thank you for the gift of healing he had received.

Memory Treasures: 


  • Wrap a box in plain wrapping paper, and have a dark marker handy.
    • Ask: What sickness did the ten men who came to Jesus have? (Leprosy)
    • Say: Leprosy was a sickness that ate away at a person’s skin.  There was no cure for leprosy, and people who had it were not allowed to come close to or live with other people who were well.
    • Ask: Why do you think the men believed that Jesus could heal them? (They must have heard or seen that Jesus had healed others)
    • Say: Show with your hands what these men were doing when they asked Jesus for help. (Praying; show by folding your hands together)
    • Ask: What do you do when you are sick? (Pray to Jesus; ask Mom or Dad for help; take medicine; go to the doctor; stay at home; quarantine)
    • Ask: Which is the most important thing to do? (Pray to Jesus)
    • Say: Remember that medicines and doctors need Jesus’ power to make them ‘work.’
    • Ask: After Jesus heard the prayer of the ten lepers, where did he tell them to go? (To show themselves to the priests.)
    • Ask: How did leaving to go to the priests show that the men had faith in Jesus? (They went even though they were not yet healed.  They obeyed Jesus without question.)
    • Say: Jesus cared about the ten men and helped them with their trouble by healing them.
    • Ask: Who helps us when we have troubles? (Jesus)
    • Say: He loves each and every one of us dearly.  He wants us to come to him for help with all our problems.  He will use his power to help us in ways that he knows are best.
    • Ask: What is our biggest problem? (Sin)
    • Say: Jesus wants us to trust in him as our Savior from sin.  He wants us to believe that he has taken away all our sins so that he will go to heaven.
    • Ask: Why didn’t one of the men go with the rest to see the priests? (He went back to thank Jesus)
    • Ask: What did Jesus ask when he saw that this man had come back along? (Where are the other nine?)
    • Say: Jesus had given the gift of healing to all ten lepers, but only one took the time to come back and thank Jesus.
    • Do: Show the wrapped box.
    • Ask: When you get a present from a relative or friend, what do you want to remember to do? (Say ‘thank you’)
    • Say: Sometimes children forget to say thank you until their parents remind them to do so.
    • Ask: How do you think people feel when we remember to thank them for what they have done for us? (happy!)
    • Say: Jesus’ blessings to us are far better than any gift someone on earth can give us.
    • Ask: What are some of the blessings we need to thank Jesus for? (Various responses…write the blessings on the outside of the box.  Encourage them to list both physical and spiritual gifts.)
    • Do: Show your folded hands.
    • Say: We can thank Jesus when we PRAY.
    • Ask: How else can we use our voices to thank God? (by singing)
    • Say: Jesus loves to hear us thank him for saving us and for giving us what we need.
    • Suggestion: Sing a song of thanks and praise – or choose your favorite!

Together: Compose a thank-you litany prayer for use at home.  Think of things you would like to thank God for. Make a list of ideas (in words or drawings).  After each idea, put the words ‘We thank you, God.’ (Suggestions: For a home in heaven, We thank you, God. For food to eat, We thank you, God.’)

Activity Ideas:

  • Booklet: Make your own book telling the story.
  • Art: Make a board that reminds your family to give thanks to Jesus.
  • Memory Treasure March: Take turns saying one word of any memory treasure from this lesson, taking a step as you march around the room.  Repeat the march with more memory treasures!
  • God Made Me: Cut out a shape of a person for each member of your family.  Add yarn, cloth, buttons, and other items you find around the home. Talk about God’s special gifts and abilities he gave each person and how they are the same and/or different.

Closing Prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for all the good gifts you give us every day.  We know that you have promised to give us everything that we need. Help us always trust in you as our Savior.  Amen.

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