Victory Over Skepticism | Acts 2:22-32

Fact-checking, asking questions to investigate a topic and inquiry are tools we use – being human – in order to gain a clearer perspective on what is real and true. The Word of God is filled with truth statements and claims. At the same time, though, it assumes the reality of God and the operation of his wonders and miracles – doing the impossible before our eyes – throughout time. You can’t investigate it all, but that doesn’t mean God hasn’t given us good reasons to view his telling of history and salvation in the Word as reality. Jesus came, was seen, was touched, performed miracles, died by crucifixion on record and rose again with many witnesses. But sinful hearts need more. God also sends his Holy Spirit to overcome our preference to keep asking and doubting. God give you ears to listen to him and to receive his gifts so freely given in Jesus.

Acts 2:22-32 | 4-19-2020

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