Sunday School for All: Unpacking God’s Gifts – Kindness

Meditate: Isaiah 63:7

Extended Reading: Isaiah 63:7-19


  • What is your go-to strategy for handling sickness when it hits your house?
  • What was the kindest thing anyone has ever done for your family?

Relate: When a cold or flu hits you or one of your kids, it is only a matter of time before everyone in your family gets sick.  And you pray, on your knees, that by the time the illness reaches the last family member it does not loop back to the first person who got sick.  

Unexpected Thoughtfulness: Unfortunately, as a parent there is no break when you are sick.  No one parents you when you are the sick one in the house.  I remember when our whole family was sick at the same time except for our oldest daughter Isabel.  Her immune system was the lone holdout to a terrible and violent strain of horribleness.  And with my wife unable to get out of bed and the rest of us unable to eat, Isabel served the family in tiny, yet significant ways.  She took care of the little ones, changed diapers, played, and put them down for naps.  She brought mom and dad ginger ale and ice chips.  Isabel’s actions were incredibly thoughtful but also profoundly kind.

Overwhelming Kindness: If we look closely at the story of God, we find time after time God pours out kindness to his people.  In the lavish gifts of the Garden of Eden to the ways God forgave and led Israel to the grace he freely gave by sending his son Jesus to save us, God’s kindness is as overwhelming as it is effervescent.  We are the sick ones, unable to get past the illness of our own sin, and God’s kindness is what saves us and nurses us back to right relationship with our Heavenly Father.  Every time.

Family Fun:

Chat Prompts:

  • Who is the kindest person you have ever met?  Describe ways they have showed kindness to you.
  • Do you ever try to show people the same type of kindness?

On the Road: the road can be an unkind place, both inside and outside your minivan.  We’re busy, late, or in a rush.  And there is a lot to keep track of when you’re getting ready to go somewhere.  As a result, our words and our actions can become sharper than normal.  Use your time on the road this week to establish a place where kindness can abound and where you can share about the places you see God’s kindness showing up in the life of your family.

  • Preschool Kids:  Play the Compliment Game while you are driving to your destination.  Pay a compliment to your child – be specific and say something kind about their character or actions.  Then give your child a turn to compliment you or someone else in the car.  If they have a hard time getting started, give them a prompt, like “I love the way you…” or “I really liked it when you…”  When you reach your destination, give your child a hug and thank them for their kindness.
  • Elementary Kids: Invite your child to play the Compliment Game with you.  Compliment them by saying something kind and specific about their character or actions.  And then give them a turn to compliment you or someone else in the car.  If your child seems embarrassed, or struggles to be sincere, give them another chance or a “do-over” and continue the game by modeling kindness and giving out more compliments.  When you reach your destination, share what their kindness meant to you, and give them a hug, thanking them for their kindness.

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