Giving Back to the One Who First Gave | Stewardship Encouragement 2020

Members of Living Savior,

From day to day, it can be easy to set our minds on all the different challenges in front of us.  Sometimes it feels relentless.  All of these things can be incredibly distracting, and it’s so easy to put our focus on simply making it through the day, or to set goals for ourselves which have little lasting value in the grand scheme of things.

However, it is important-perhaps now more than ever-to keep Christ in the center of all we do, and remember his sacrifice for us all.  Even now, we have more to be thankful for than we can even fathom-and it all comes from the one who created us.  What better way to express our gratitude for all that the Lord continues to provide for us, than to give back to him and to the church, which tells of his love and all that he has given for us?

In John 12:1-8, Mary’s use of the expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet reminds us where our value of such earthly blessings is when compared to our love for Christ.  It is easy to be more like Martha-in her obsession to manage household preparations-as we become embroiled in the day-to-day expectations that constantly loom over us in this world.

Each one of us surely gives serious consideration to how we will manage our short and long-term finances every year.  However, it is important for these considerations to also include our offerings.  Times change, just as people’s financial situations may also change.  Though we are well into this year, it is still a great time to re-evaluate our giving plans for 2020.  Therefore, I encourage everyone to take some time in prayer and with our families to evaluate our current offering plans, determine if there are any changes which can or should be made, and ask ourselves:  Are we giving back to the Lord in gratitude to our utmost ability?  It may seem impossible to put a number on Jesus’ love.  That’s because it is!  We must ultimately consider what is in our hearts.

After all, giving is worship.  Giving is one way worship takes on tangible form-and we have many things to worship our God and thank him for.

In Christ,

Alex Belobraydich ~ Stewardship Committee Chairman

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