4-12-2020 Sunday School For All: Jesus’ Burial and Resurrection

This lesson outline is made available for you to work into your own home devotional life. As you read through the information below, please let Renae Belobraydich know if you have any questions, or if she can help make this transition easier for our Sunday School kiddos learning from home. 

HAPPY EASTER! He has risen! Risen indeed!

Opening Prayer

Dear Jesus, it’s easy to get caught up in the drama of Holy Week and Easter and not focus on the meaning of your bitter suffering, cruel death, and glorious resurrection for sinners. As I study your Word, help me cherish what you went through for me. Amen.

This Sunday’s Lesson: Jesus’ Burial and Resurrection

In our Bible lesson, we are reminded that when Jesus died, many of his followers were very sad. They had forgotten an important promise that he had made that would show he is God’s Son.

Read: Matthew 27:57-61, Mark 15:42-16:8, Luke 23:50-24:10, John 19:31-42

Aim: How did Jesus show that he is God’s Son?

TRUTH: Jesus showed that he is God’s Son by rising from the dead.

 – Application: Jesus has power over death.

 – Response: We worship Jesus as God’s Son and our risen Savior.

Lesson Summary: Late on Friday, the Jewish leaders requested that the legs of those crucified be broken to quicken their deaths. When the soldiers saw that Jesus was already dead, one of them pierced his side instead. Joseph and Nicodemus buried Jesus in a new grave. Women watched the burial, planning to return after the Sabbath with more spices. But when they returned early Sunday morning, they found an open grave and an angel who announced that Jesus had risen!

Word Wise: 

  • Sabbath—The weekly day of rest and worship observed by the Jews on the seventh day of the week, Saturday.
  • Pilate—Roman governor in charge of Jerusalem who ordered that Jesus be crucified.


  • Ask: Why do we celebrate Christmas and Easter? [Possible responses: Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, and Easter is when Jesus rose from the dead.] 
  • Remind the children that when Jesus died, there were many people watching.
  • Ask: Describe some of the different emotions, or feelings, of the people on Calvary. [His enemies were happy; those who loved him were confused, frightened, and sad.]
  • Say: The people who loved Jesus were sad because their Lord had just died. They had forgotten about a very important promise Jesus had made that would show who he is.
  • Say:  This Bible lesson shows us that Jesus was truly dead.
  • Ask:  How do we know this? [A soldier pierced his side; Jesus was buried.]
  • Say:  We also learn in this lesson that Jesus is truly alive.
  • Ask:  How did some women learn that Jesus is alive? [An angel told them.]
  • Say: Jesus showed his power as God’s Son by rising from the dead.  He kept every promise that God had made about the one who would come and save us. Jesus is our risen Savior!

Together: Practice Singing Jesus Is Amazing and then One, two, three – Jesus is ALIVE!

Activity Ideas:

  • Share the Easter story with a family member or someone who doesn’t attend a Christian church. Share the good news that “Jesus lives!!!”
  • Virtual Tulip Invitations: Make tulips with items around your home.  Send pictures to your friends and let them know you are thinking of them, and invite them to our Easter virtual service.
  • Watch: The Story of Easter
  • Fill six plastic Easter eggs with small slips of paper containing key phrases from this lesson. Use a marker to number the eggs.“1: Jesus died.”  “2: A soldier pierced Jesus’ side.” “3: Jesus was buried.” “4: On Sunday the women came to put more spices on Jesus’ body.” “5: Jesus was gone!”  “6: An angel said Jesus was alive!” Take turns retelling the story using the Easter eggs.

Closing Prayer:

Dear Jesus, thank you for dying on a cross to take care of our biggest problem—sin. We know that you will always help us with our problems and protect us. Thank you for using your almighty power to help us! Strengthen our faith so that we always trust you in times of trouble. We praise you, almighty Lord! Amen.

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