Dave Koelpin – Pastor

As Pastor, I have been called by God through the people of Living Savior to be a shepherd of souls.  That is a responsibility I take very seriously and a privilege that I am humbled to have.  It is an incredible honor to serve God’s people at Living Savior with the Word and Sacraments.  As Pastor I am involved with almost everything at Living Savior.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with anything.  My door is always open and if it’s not, just knock.  I am always happy to help you with God’s life-giving Word.  I can be reached at


Kevin Adams – Church Council President

It is an honor to serve our congregation as the president of Living Savior Lutheran Church.  As president, I chair all business sessions of the congregation and church council, and I am an ex-officio member of all committees.  In addition, I develop agendas for council and voters’ meetings, and appoint budget and nomination committees.

Please know I am here to serve and support our church and all members as we continue to grow together through God’s word and our ministries.  You can reach me at

Collyard (4)

Chris Collyard – Church Council Secretary

As church secretary, I am responsible for recording the proceedings of all meeting of the congregation and the church council.  I must maintain and organize the official records (meeting minutes, committee reports, etc.) and have appropriate back up records.

I can be reached at



Mark Weiser – Treasurer

As Treasurer, I am responsible for developing, maintaining and overseeing all financial records and activities of the congregation.   I am responsible for recording all monies received and making disbursements for monthly congregational expenses and other disbursements according to the instructions from the church council and congregation.

I can be reached at


Mike Rogers – Financial Secretary

As Financial Secretary, I keep track of all contributions from the congregation and provide members with year-end contribution reports.  In addition, I help to oversee the counting, recording and depositing of contributions after each service.  I am here to serve our church through God’s word.

I can be reached at


Seth Beckmann – Adult Discipleship Chairman

As Adult Discipleship Chairman I make an effort to maintain the membership list, I lead the committee in assisting and caring for the called worker. If anyone were concerned about Pastor’s welfare, the congregation, or worship, they could approach me and I would look into it.

I can be reached at

Russell (2)


Joe Russell – Youth Discipleship Chairman

It is an honor to serve our congregation as Youth Discipleship Chairman. In this role, I oversee most all things connected to the youth and young lambs of our church to include Sunday School, Youth Group and special events.

Please know I am here to serve and support our church and all members as we continue to grow together through God’s word and our ministries.  You can reach me at


Outreach Chairman – Vacant

Joel Hahn – Stewardship Chairman

As the chairman of the Stewardship Committee, my goal is to assist members of Living Savior in serving their Lord by managing the gifts he has blessed them with. We have all been blessed with different gifts; monetary, time or talents (technology, musical, teaching, electrician, etc.). As our bodies need all of the parts God gave us, so our church needs the gifts that each of us have been blessed with.

I can be reached at


Tom Chojnacki – Property Chairman

The property committee consists of 3 people: Tom Chojnacki, TJ Woodin and Cole Ernst. We are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of both the church property as well as the parsonage. We also will be in charge of putting together work groups to help with the upkeep of our properties.

Tom can be reached at